Bookkeeping and Payroll

We will be able to provide this following services:

  • Payroll Services

    • We can provide simple payroll service manually, paper or electronically.(We will need to setup an "External Accountant" user and obtaining "Backup" file to provide these service. The "Accountant's Copy" file will not provide payroll information.)

    • We can consult clients setting-up their own payroll.

  • Bookkeeping / Write-up

    • For Quickbooks users, we can provide these service as soon as we obtain "the Accountant's Copy" of clients' Quickbooks company files. In the mean time, clients still can work on their current data when we review their historical data.

    • Remote access for bookkeeping will be an alternative as long as we discuss the additional fees associated with it and additional technology to facilitate the remote access (remote access on your PC with sufficient internet connection or putting the entire QuickBooks file on the cloud with carefully selected approved provider).

  • QuickBooks Setup, Training and Consulting

    • QuickBooks setup for new business.

    • Customized QuickBooks Training for specific businesses or industries (onsite or remote).

We are a member of Quick ProAdvisor Program.

However, we are able to work any other type or version of bookkeeping or spreadsheet softwares.

Call (859) 913-6152 for quote on bookkeeping and payroll services !